Thursday, June 17, 2010

7 Month

Well Sunday Father's Day will be 7 months since Carley went to heaven. I am feeling better about losing my baby girl. She has opened me up to my faith even more now and I believe that was her purpose to begin with. If you read at the start of my blog I have a poem there call "almost a mother" that poem has helped me so much because I am a mother. I wear my necklace every day and I kiss it every night when I go to bed. No I have never seen or held my baby girl but I carried her and loved her just the same if not more when she here in me.

I know the Lord has a plan for me I just don't know what exactly it is. But I know in his time he will let me know "His Will" for me. I just have to wait and continue to trust in him and go as he leads me to go. I am really following him now. My leg is still bad and I had to quit my job that I love and MISS so much. Now we are a household of one income and I pray that we will make it. I know with him we will.

But back to the poem I have sent that to a couple of my friends who I am sorry to say have gone through something just like me. Losing there wonderful baby. I hope and pray that their hearts are healing and they remember that one day we will see our babies again and that they are being taken care of by the best Father in the world. Our Lord.