Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year Same Dreams!!

Well it is a new year but I still have the same dream to be a Mom.... Hubby and I are still not in agreement for adoption but I hope he will come around. I have healed fully from my hysterectomy and boy am I glad that is over. I have yet to see if my iron has returned to normal but will find out next month. I hope so cause I really don't want to go back to getting the IV treatments.

Dr put me on metaphormin (Sorry for spelling) to hopefully stop new cyst from forming. They are very painful.

Still miss my babies every day and still hate to answer the question when people ask me do you have children. I always say the same thing yes 3 but they are in heaven.

So far 30 isn't that bad I didn't have a melt down like I thought I would. I handled it very well. Like a grown up....