Friday, April 29, 2011

17 Months

Sorry I haven't posted on your 17 months in Heaven baby girl but Mommy has been busy. It is so hard to believe that you have been gone for 17 months. Last Friday April 22, 2011 should have been your 1st birthday here with Daddy and I but I know that you had a great birthday in Heaven with your siblings and all of your family.

You Papa (great granddad) as you know is now in heaven with you and all of the family. He passed away on April 13, 2011 and I have been busy helping my Aunt out with her 2 children getting them to ball games and different things. Last week was a sad week for Mommy with your 17 months gone and then your birthday Mommy just had a hard time with writing this to you. I think of you every day but last week was a little different. You should have been here and I can't help but think what would you have been doing. Would you have walking, talking, crawling and just being your special self that I know you would have been. I can only feel like you would have been into everything because the short time Mommy carried you to 20 weeks you were a busy little bee inside of me. You were always jumping and playing every time we saw you on the ultrasound screen. I am sure you would have been a busy bee here on earth too.

Mommy and Daddy just closed on our first house. You would have loved it. It has plenty of space inside for you to have played in and it has a Huge yard. Your Granddaddy said it has a lot of yard because he ran out of gas cutting it this week. I thought that was funny but I feel as if your granddaddy didn't.  The dogs are going to love having a big yard to play in as well. Since Mommy and Daddy seem to be the drop off for unwanted doggies you would have had right many to play with. Mommy just can't seem to the pound to come and get them. I will just do what I can to feed them. Daddy is always telling Mommy we have to many dogs but he takes care of them and I know he loves them all too. Since you and your siblings are not here Mommy treats the doggies as if they are my children (just with four legs and fur).

We will have somethings to fix in the house before we move in but I will put up some pictures as soon as we are done. Mommy also has to put your pictures up of your balloon release that we did in November for your one year angelversary. I know Mommy has been bad, I can't seem to get over the the woman's house that has the CD, but I am going to try and get them as soon as possible. In the new house you will have a special place on the Mantel for your candle, Willow tree Angel and your crocheted angels. So everyone will be able to see them. Grandma and Mommy are going to plant and make a special place for you with flowers and a stepping stone that is going to have your name on it along with your date and your siblings date too. Mommy wants to have a special place to go and sit and look at since I don't have a place for Mommy to remember you. I feel like a little flower garden will be great and I am going to plant a hydrangea bush for you (because Mommy loves that) and some Lilly's there as well, and some tulips and of course if I can get them to grow some forget me not's. I want to to be a big beautiful garden (that is if Mommy can find her green thumb, hope that I do).

Mommy loves and misses you so much. I think of you every day and I know that you are safe and loved in Jesus' arms. I know in my heart I will see you one day. I just want you to know that even though I may not post on here like I should Mommy thinks and loves you every day.

Love You My Angels in Heaven xoxoxoxo