Friday, May 20, 2011

New house

My husband and I just purchased our first home in April. He has been hard at painting and putting in hardwood floors (since my blood clots all I can do is supervise him).  He is working so hard to make our new home wonderful. It didn't need a lot of work just some paint and we took out the carpet (due to my allgeries). I know that we will have so many wonderful new memories that I just can't wait to experience. One I hope will happen is a child. I can't help but wonder about us moving into our new home with Carley. I know she would have loved her big room, and the big yard to play in.

I never would have ever thought that we would be able to purchase this home due to my disability but God answered our prayers. I know that in time all things God has planned for us will happen. I am still a students to his work and I still struggle with being patience.