Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why do People???

Why do people not consider me a mother of 3 babies? Is it because they can't see them, they can't feel them. I saw them on a screen, I felt them inside, I was sick, I feed them. So to me I am a mother. No my children are not here on this earth for all to see they were so special that God took them right back up with him. He gave me the honor of being there mother just for a short time but it was still a Honor that I truly am blessed with. I know that my bless feelings come out as tears of sadness but I am still feel blessed that my babies were so special enough to come and stay for a little while but got called to a far better place than here with me.

I am a Mother. I am a MOTHER. I AM A MOTHER!!!!!

I have to go in September to see if I can even try again. With all the medical problems I have I just don't know if they are going to let me carry. If I can't carry then I have a family member come and say they would. I have looked into the prices on it and it is high but I will continue to pray about it and I will see where the Lord leads me.