Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Made it Through Another Christmas without Them

Well I made it through another Christmas without Them. It wasn't easy but with my family and friends they helped me. My very Loving Husband got me the Open Heart Angel from the Jane Seymour collection. It was the one thing that I wanted and I was very shocked that he got it for me. He isn't a jewelry type of man but he said after the year we had, he wanted to me have it. He also gave me the earring to go along with it. I am sooo happy to have received it.

The necklace is for all my babies in heaven and I told him that. I wanted it to help me remember them. My parents gave me a Mother's Necklace last year for my birthday that had all of there birthstones in it and then a phrase "Forever in My Heart" and then on the back it had there dates. And it lost a stone but Things Remembered sent me another one. I choose not to wear that one but to keep it nice. So Mom got me a very pretty Cross to wear and I still wanted something to remember my babies by and I saw the Open Heart Angel and I told my Husband that was all I wanted. I even told him he could give it to me for my Birthday and Christmas (he knew that I really wanted it by me saying that b/c he knows I hate to combine birthday and Christmas, it isn't my fault I was born 4 days before Christmas).

This Christmas was hard because it would have been Carley and her twins 1st Christmas. But I know there were with Jesus and I know they had a much better time up there in Heaven than here but I still missed them and would love to have them here with me. Maybe one day God will bless us and allow us to be parents to a Human child, and not only my four legged and furry ones.

Love You and Miss you Angels!!!!


Holly said...

That is a beautiful necklace!