Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gone 11 Months but not Forgotten

Dear Carley,

I missed posting on your 11 months baby girl. I didn't forget I just couldn't post that day. I can't believe that you have been gone for 11 months. Last year at this time I was dreaming of dressing you up for your first Halloween, dreaming of having you for all the holidays. I can't believe that it has gone by so quick.

Next month it will be 1 year since I lost you. I am in a wedding that day for my best friend. It is going to be an exciting day for him and his new wife and I will be happy but so sad for it was your last day with me. I miss you every day. I dream of what you would look like, if you would have my eyes or your dads, my nose, I just wish that I still had you with me and that you could have stayed with us.

I am going to do something special for you just for you and your siblings. I love you and Miss You So MUCH!!!!

Love you Always and Forever,