Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Made it through Thanksgiving

Well I made it through the first tough Holiday, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday but last year it was really difficult.  It was nice to be myself at the holiday. I have had some closure after doing the Balloon release. It helped me with losing her and coming to terms about not being able to have children.

Something else that could have helped was having my husband actually bring up the discussion of surrogate or adoption. It was nice for me not to have to bring it up for a change. He wanted to know all what the Dr had told me back in Oct and we may actually be going ahead with one of them the first of the year. So I am not going to get my hope up either way. I know it is going to cost money that right now we just don't have to do either option.

I have thought if you could have benefit's for surrogacy or adoption??? I don't think that you can but I thought it would be worth a thought. Maybe through God's Good Grace we will be able to do something to get closure to having a baby. It doesn't matter to me which way we get to be parents I just want to be a Mommy to a Earth child so bad.

Please Pray that God will Help us in Making this very Important Decision.