Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Twins Part 1

In March 2009 I was dx with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I was told that I did not ovulate on my own and was going to have to have fertility drugs in order to get prego again. So in July 2009 I tried Clomid at 50mg. I wasn't to sure that I would get prego on my 1st cycle with it. My Dr had told me not to be upset if I didn't that most women had to try several times and she would give me 3 cycles and then we would try something else.

Well I took them and you know the days we were told. Didn't really have much hope but just tried to go about my life normal and not think about it. Well my period was late but I didn't really think I was pg so I let that week come and go and didn't test. That was the 1st week in Aug. I finally tested on August 10th (my wedding Anniversary) and called my mom with the results. I told her not to tell anybody cause I was going to wait and tell my husband later. But I did tell her that I felt like it was two babies in there. Now everybody tells me that I couldn't feel them so I am just going to say that I had a dream there were two babies.

After about 3 weeks of knowing and right many pregnancy test later I finially told my husband. The next week I had my 1st OB appt Sept 24, 2009. I was a nervous wreck!!!!! The ultrasound tech came and put me in the room with my mom by my side. I closed my eyes and told her I didn't want to see anything if there was no heart beat. I also put my fingers in my ears as well. She tapped me on my leg and said I have good news and bad news. The good news was that she saw a heart beat, but the bad news was that I was pregnant with twins and one of them didn't have a heart beat, and I was about 10 1/2 wks. I started to cry.

I was then told clam down "don't be getting upset you need to stay clam for your baby." I tried to get myself together, and remain clam. I then had the Dr come in and tell me that every thing was okay just clam down, don't get excited just yet. I laid back down for the Dr to take a look at my babies. They told me that Baby A would prolly be reabsorb by my body and that was nothing to worry about. It was very common and most women went on to have very normal pregnancies. Then they went back to Baby B and they started talking low and pointing out things to each other, I asked what was wrong and they said "well Baby B may have a very thick neck and that is a sign of Down Syndrome". I started crying again, and again was told to "clam down". Now what did they expect me to do. Just lay there and have no emotion. Hello people I am pregnant and a woman, I am already an emotional person plus my hormones are up come on. 

They told me to get dressed and they would be back in to talk. They sent me to a fetal expert clinic to have a 2nd ultrasound done to measure the space between my babies spine and neck. They did the measurement and I got good news the measurement was really low and so I was told that the baby was normal. I was so happy.

 I just started to dream then that in April 2010 I was going to really be a mommy. That everyone would see that I was a "Real Mom" now.