Friday, September 17, 2010

Told Family

Well I told my family the other day about my blog. I had kept it to myself because I wasn't ready for them to see the New Me since loosing Carley. Everybody was very supportive about it, they made me feel good about doing a great memory blog about my daughter and my feelings.

It has really helped me move through my feeling. This up coming week is going to be hard. But I know that with my wonderful Husband and parents and other family and friends I will make it.

Leaving today for a little get away with my Husband and another couple that are great friends. I am excited to be away for the first time with him and to get my mind right about this up coming week.

Monday will be a very different post I will be posting not only for Carley but for a friend as well.

I Love You Carley and Angel's!!!!


klarsen said...

I hope you have a wonderful getaway, Jan. You deserve it. xoxo